I really feel bad about this.

Jesus Christ. I almost forgot about my poor little blog. I've had so much going on in the last few months that I all but abandoned it. I'm sorry Blogspot. I won't do it again. And sorry to all three people who may read this.

As of lately, my life has been a huge blur of 89 cent burritos, broken down cars, tattoos and punk rock shows. So basically, nothing has REALLY changed, there's just been more of it. I've given Taco Bell another chance (well, at least 3 dozen of them) since that night months ago that I spoke about. They've seemingly created something so delicious that I simply cannot stay away. The 89 cent Five Layer Burrito. Taco Bell, you're a bitch of a temptress.

My car broke down the other day. Apparently alternators DON'T last forever. Ha. It was fun trying to push my car into an apartment complex parking lot, at 3am, drunk. I wasn't driving, my girlfriend was. I actually wasn't even in the car with her. She called me 3 blocks from my house, saying it wouldn't start. So I hopped on my bicycle (a task to ride while inebriated.) My poor Saturn.

I got a text message from a good friend of mine in Atlanta the other night. It was rather unexpected, because I really don't get to talk to her much, our schedules don't really permit a lot of long distance chit-chat. She's getting married in September, and she politely asked if I'd be in her wedding. "Of course," I said. Then I found out my role. I'm going to be a BridesMAN. Not Maid. MAN. I personally think this idea is absolutely brilliant. Leave it to her to come up with such a concept. I'm rather excited about this. I get to go hang out in Atlanta, party it up, then stand on the opposite side of where I normally stand during a wedding. Epic. I can't wait until September.

As many of you know, I'm a tech nerd, of the Mobile flavor. I try to stay on top of current technology, weighing pros and cons of late model devices. Well, at least for now, that has come to an end. The contract plan I was on with my Android is now gone, and my credit is absolutely terrible. So now I'm stuck with a (blech) Boost Mobile phone, Motorola Model i290. I'm hating every minute of this thing. What's worse is that the Google Nexus One was released on January 5th, and I can't get one.

I've got to get back to work now. I'll keep up with this thing. Life is settling down some.

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