This is very unprofessional.

Tonight I'm saying goodbye to the apartment that I've called home for almost 2 1/2 years. It's a somber night, spent partially by myself sharing time with two 40 oz. bottles of Icehouse in an attempt to hide the emotion this night brings (no intended disrespect to my lovely girlfriend Kandyce). Many memorable moments have occurred under this roof, many a time that I will talk of for years to come. My roommate Justin and I have shared more than an eon's worth of intellectual thought, of life and more. I'm sad to leave this place, a place of marked drywall and past tense debauchery. I've experienced my weight in conversation, debate, musical history and copious drug use. I'm not ashamed of what's been done, I use it as a stepping stone to what I will one day become. Many a friend has come and gone through our simple, crudely spray-painted wooden door, but one thing remains the same. Friendship that will remain unshared, even if he and I never spoke another word to one another. Our less than ideal rendezvous lead to something I never would have expected. Much apologies for my Simple Plan shirt. That's just how I roll, and I swear I never did anything with your ex-fiance, haha.  (I'm sorry bro, I'm totally hammered, but every word was from the heart. J. Pizzle and A. Rizzle should get M. Izzled. Thank you man. Oh, I totally spray painted the ceiling. Fuck it.) R.I.P. 3206. Thanks, dawg.


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Amber "Hammie" Elliott Says:

Man. That really almost made me cry. Even though I didn't spend hardly any time over there, I wrote randomocities on the wall. I puked C45 and 4 Loko into a black trashcan. I crashed on the couch. Good times, good times. Sigh.

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