I love social networking. A quick, concise way to keep friends and ex-coworkers at arm's length. There's no better way to keep track of how much better you're doing than checking out someone's profile, in my opinion. In the last few years, I've wondered how well people from my old group of high school friends were doing. I went to high school in Coffee County, Georgia. Not much there, aside from chicken farms and dirt roads. There's also not much place to better yourself there, so I didn't expect much from my peers. To my surprised, several of my old friends are doing quite well for themselves. One is living in Atlanta, working as a graphic designer, one is a piercer in Florida, etc. It's good to know they made something of their lives. Not everyone has done so well. Several are now mobile home residents, with a cornucopia of children (I really like the word 'cornucopia').

Back to the topic of social networking. In the last ten years, numerous sites and services have allowed us to rekindle relationships once thought lost. Myspace, Facebook, the ever popular Twitter. All three of which I have accounts with. There are tons more, such as Hi5, Stickam, Xanga. The list goes on. But what I don't understand, other than just pure competition to have the next big thing, is this: Why do we have so many, when they all do pretty much the same thing? You search for people, add them to a list, and then you watch their lives unfold. Why is Facebook now so much more popular than Myspace? Five years ago, it seemed as if Myspace would never die, and today, everyone tells you to add them on Facebook, and they almost insult you for still using Myspace. Social Networking Elitists, it seems. I guess it's just a matter of "out with the old, in with the new," even though Facebook has always been Myspace's bastard cousin. Does anyone remember when Facebook was exclusively for college students and Alumni? Myspace has one foot in the grave, Facebook has a shovel. Too bad we can't process old social networks into crude oil like a fossil fuel. I want a Vampire Freaks powered car. Let's bring back webrings. Who's with me?!

R.I.P. Myspace (1999-soon)


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