I need fancy things.

I'm a tech junkie. I always have to get the newest, most advanced things. I'm waiting on invites to both Google Voice, and Google Wave. Why? I don't really know. They're trickling out invites slowly. Nobody I know uses Wave, only a handful even have Voice. But I feel the need to have these things. It's something of a fulfillment issue. I hate being left out. The last to know is not where I want to be. Granted, new things are always fun and exciting, especially electronic things. I've grown to love communication. I have 6 social network accounts, 9 instant messenger accounts, 4 email accounts, a mobdev, a computer, a messenger pigeon, and a friend that works at UPS. I like being in contact. My girlfriend doesn't understand. She hates the fact that I'm always emailing someone, or that my phone is constantly getting text messages and calls. I don't do it to ignore her, as she often believes. I just have a desire to keep in touch with friends. I've always been an ultra social person, I usually run with a posse (ha). I have an immense group of friends, and I've met pretty much everyone I can meet in this city (ha). I don't find this to be a bad thing, though. Being a musician, it's nice to see people at my band's shows. As a tattooist, it's nice to have customers. So in my lifestyle, being very social is a benefit. I guess you can't understand unless you're living it. I really need to stop going off topic like this. Gimme Wave! Gimme Voice! And once again, developers, Build us a Blogger App! One false move in GMail, and I lose everything I've written. Please? Sugar on top? Thanks.


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