It's an Android thing, you wouldn't understand.

Here's a post that will ostracize some people. Sunday morning, approximately 4am, I received an OTA (Over The Air) update to the operating system of my mobile device. Nicknamed 'Donut,' Version 1.6 of the Android OS has some improved framework, new Text-to-Speech functionality, an improved app market and a few other small things. Overall, this update has improved my device, most noted being faster application launching, smoother multitasking, but no real aesthetic upgrades. A lot of people were expecting Android to look totally different, and a few of my friends seemed disappointed that it doesn't. Being as I am, I prefer function over form, and with Donut, I got just that.

This update made me laugh, though. Rumors ran wild that G1 users couldn't receive Donut because of the G1's lack of internal memory. It even went as far as saying that G1 users would be left out in the cold for future updates in general. This was simply not the case at all. In fact, after downloading Donut, I had about 4mb MORE free space than with Cupcake 1.5. I love when speculation is totally wrong. I found it odd that 1.6 was JUST released, and there are already apps in the Android Market that are Eclair 2.0 ready. Are developers already trickling out 2.0 SDK versions? Is 2.0 not far behind 1.6? I hope so. With the improvements in Donut, I really look forward to Eclair (2.0). Any Android developers out there have any inside information? Since Cyanogen was served with a C&D from Google, the future isn't looking good for custom ROMs with full functionality. Maybe 2.0 will have an 'applications to SD' built in, so general Android users won't have to root their devices to take advantage of this. And since the release of 1.6 (and hopefully, soon, 2.0), how much more difficult will gaining root access be? Only time will tell, I suppose. Sorry Blackberry and iPhone friends, this post wasn't for you.

On an off-topic note: Someone broke into my apartment this weekend, stole my computer monitor and my ENTIRE movie collection. What kind of inconsiderate asshole steals just a monitor? What are you trying to do? Inconvenience me? I'm sorry, I don't like to be profane in my blogs, but this really angers me. Either this person is a fucking retard, or it's someone I know, and they know I'm smart enough to keep serial numbers written down. I never bothered with my monitor, because frankly, the monitor isn't great. But I could track my CPU, especially at a pawn shop. They left my guitars alone, my TV, the DVD player in my closet. They only took my box of movies and my monitor. They effectively took away all of my entertainment. I can't access my MP3 collection now, can't watch a movie, can't get online at home. They got me good. I hope I never find out who it is, because there's a good chance I'll probably hurt them. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, deprives me of my music and film.
I'm sorry guys, I had to vent, and I didn't find it necessary to post twice.
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